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Jude & Ewan news [30 Mar 2013|11:08am]

Jude & Ewan news via brit_actors

Jude Law Drops Out of Film 'Jane Got a Gun'


Jude Law and Lynne Ramsay quit Jane Got a Gun


Jude Law spied opening Dubai's newest hippest club


Still his leading lady! Former co-stars Jude Law and Ruth Wilson prove their friendship is still going strong as they enjoy an evening at the theatre


Jude Law: West End Show with Ruth Wilson!


Jude Law Suing Fireplace Company


Jude Law: 'Side Effects' Paris Premiere!


Jude Law: Au Revoir to France with a Mystery Woman!


Jude Law Decides to Quit Jane Got a Gun, Too


Actor Jude Law, director Lynne Ramsay quit 'Jane' film


Ewan McGregor: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked


Danny Boyle admits he treated Ewan McGregor 'badly'

love them!

[23 Dec 2012|07:15pm]

I know this a Jude/Ewan community, but as Jonny Lee Miller used to live with them, and appears in a lot of fic about them and is delicious too, I thought I would share this rather lovely gif set of his tattoos from http://jonny-lee-miller-appreciation.tumblr.com/post/32318309088/jonny-lee-miller-tattoo-appreciationtumblr_maxyko1A7Z1ryw501o3_r1_250
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An article about Jude and Ewan's penises [22 Mar 2012|09:17pm]

Call it 'research'.

love them!

Our boys in the news [22 Aug 2011|08:34pm]

A furrier than usual Jude hangs out with a bald Jonny!

Ewan tells a silly story about making a fool of himself in front of Iggy Pop
love them!

a Jude/Ewan crossover Music Video here, hope you'll like it~ [17 Aug 2011|01:10pm]


Clips from Jude's film【Alfie】and Ewan's 【Deception】are used for this crossover fan-video. Copy rights belong to the Original film/music company and I own nothing.

There're 3 chapters in this story:
Chapter 1:Love
Chapter 2:Deception
Chapter 3:Revenge

Hope you enjoy it^^

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[18 Jul 2011|11:52pm]

love them!

ANGSTY JUDEWAN FIC! [12 Jul 2011|10:22pm]


Part 6 of my epic Judewan series I Used To Know You When, and the sequel to White Lies & Weddings

However, I don't think you need to have read the rest of the series (particularly as there are gaping holes between some installments) - it could work as a standalone Judewan piece.

This one is for zetaori !

White Lies & Weddings: Something Blue
love them!

Jude & Ewan News [09 Jul 2011|10:52pm]

Has anyone else got the Saturday Times supplement with Ewan's interview? He is looking DAMN FINE on the cover in a purple suit. It is probably online on the Times website - behind a paywall.

Anyway, here is a round-up of Jude and Ewan news via [info]brit_actors:

Ewan has been working in a restaurant to prepare for his next role

The classic story of what happened when Ewan filmed his sex scene with Christian Bale in Velvet Goldmine

After his announced retirement from nude scenes, Ewan says he WILL get his kit off again!

Jude is looking very sexy at Kate Moss' wedding

After crying over his doggy co-star...

Ewan gets his own dog!

That rides in a sidecar!
love them!

Jude/Ewan Smut [09 Jul 2011|12:37am]

I'm With The Band 8: Open Wounds In A Young Boy's Pride

The sequel to Just Hold Me Like A Gun, Shudder To Think, Come Up And See Me, To An Empty Space,.Victim Of The NIght, Interlude and Find Some Therapy

HOWEVER, if you're a fan of Jude/Ewan smut, particularly ANGSTY Jude/Ewan smut, I think it works pretty well as a standalone piece.

Dedicated to world_isnigh for all her help and inspiration!

Open Wounds In A Young Boy's Pride
love them!

[08 Jul 2011|11:01pm]


Did anyone else see Ewan playing with a lightsabre and making the noises on the Graham Norton show?!
love them!

Fic primer [28 Jun 2011|03:28pm]

Does anyone fancy collaborating on writing a fanfiction primer for our boys?

Significant facts about them, dates of their films, that sort of a thing?

The idea came to me after I just realised that Ewan has been effectively teetotal since 2007. Cue massive rewrites!

In other news, does anyone know what he and Eve decided to name their new baby? And who is excited about his next big journey?!
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[23 May 2011|04:10pm]

My sources (that is, Google) tell me that Jude Law is with Lily Cole right now in Cambridge where she goes to university. Looks like they're back together!
love them!

A Jude secret on FandomSecrets! [15 May 2011|10:04pm]


I hadn't realised that our Jude was so hairy lately!
love them!

Judewan recs #1: Office romance! [10 Apr 2011|10:02pm]

One problem with our tiny but delicious (sort of like a macaroon) fandom is that while there are buckets of fic out there, most of it was written about five or six years ago. I suppose this is one of those situations where an archive would be more useful than LJ, because then older fic would not be hidden away.

So, with this in mind, I am going to try to dig out some great, older Judewan fic and dust it off!

Luckily, the awesomeworld_isnigh means I don't have to do that - she's just written a great Judewan office AU with a smattering of hatesex called Tough Love.

If hatesex isn't your thing, but offices are, try [info]kyuuketsukirui's Deadline.
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PLEASE READ AND REPLY! [05 Apr 2011|08:38pm]

Does the Judewan community display oddly for everyone, or is it just me?

Please click on the link to go to the community, and let me know if all the text is readable, and if there are any other problems.

Mod love,
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Judewan News [04 Apr 2011|09:53pm]

Jude has been snogging Rachel Weisz!

He's also been doing some partying...

EWAN IS GIVING UP NUDE SCENES!!! (but does look quite cute cycling with a puppy)

love them!

Judewan Band AU [14 Mar 2011|08:32pm]


This is just a couple of hundred words of I'm With The Band, for world_isnigh just to get me back in a writing mood again!

It is completely without plot or substance and follows Just Hold Me Like A Gun, Shudder To Think, Come Up And See Me, (Sway through the crowd to) An Empty Space and (Just like me she was a) Victim Of The Night

A bit of Band Candy...
love them!

[11 Mar 2011|12:00am]

Jude has broken up with Sienna AGAIN and here he is at the Rio carnival shirtless yum
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The thrill isn't in it anymore [03 Jan 2011|01:36pm]


Nobody wants him for more than one night.
love them!

Dark Judewan fic [20 Oct 2010|11:08pm]

The Whipping Girl

A dark look at Ewan and how his feelings for Jude affect him.

“Jealous much?” the smug bastard had asked. Well yes, he was.
love them!

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